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Creates a duplicate of a person.

Original D&D[]


Debuted in Supplement I: Greyhawk, as a magic-user spell. Dragon Magazine #12 put this spell on the Illusionist list, at a lower level

  • Spell Level 7 (magic-user) or 5 (illusionist)

Snow (either natural or created with an ice storm) shaped into the form must be magically animated, with a limited wish cast to give it the form and personality of a real person that the caster wishes to create a simulacrum of. The creature will be a visual duplicate of that person, but they will be loyal to the spellcaster. It has 3d2 x 10% of the duplicated person's own abilities (knowledge, level, etc.). Close association with the real person will reveal the simulacrum to be a pale imitation, as will viewing the two side-by-side. A detect magic spell will also reveal the ruse. If the real person that the duplicate is of dies, the simulacrum will slowly gain more of their abilities (+1%/week) until it is 90% identical to the creature it is duplicating -- beyond that, it cannot go.


  • Spell Level 8

A bit of living flesh is taken from a creature, and from it, an exact duplicate of the creature at the time the flesh was taken is created, complete with that person's knowledge. If the person duplicated is still alive, the clone will try to kill the original, and if this is not possible, both will become insane. One use of the spell is to make a duplicate of the caster, if the caster happens to be destroyed, essentially restoring the caster to life.