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For the familiar of the elven conjurer Furka also named Silver, see Silver (weasel).

Silver is a precious metal.


Silver is a heavy, shiny grey metal. It is mined in its pure form, or as ores which must be smelted in a furnace.

Silver is primarily valued for its rarity, appearance, and resistance to tarnishing.


Weapons and equipment[]

Certain creatures, including vampires and lycanthropes, are vulnerable to weapons made or coated with silver.

In Faerûn, artisans perform a treatment to make silver as hard and durable as steel, and armor of this sort protects the wearer from electricity.[1]

Holy symbols are often made of silver.

Coinage and valuables[]

Silver is highly valued in most cultures, pleasant to look at, easily worked, and does not rust like iron. For these reasons, it is widely used to mint currency and produce jewelry and works of art.

In most worlds, silver coins are minted which are worth one tenth of a gold coin. Silver can also be alloyed with gold to form electrum.


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