This article is about the protective device often carried by warriors. For the spell of this name, see shield (spell).

A shield is a flat object carried in the hand to protect against weapon attacks.

Types of shield[edit | edit source]

Shields are commonly made either from wood, or from metal, such as steel. Metal shields are more durable, but heavier to carry, and wooden shields are generally considered to give equivalent protection for as long as they hold up.

Shields are sometimes divided into categories based on size, with larger shields granting increased protection at the drawback of being more cumbersome to carry. From smallest to largest are the buckler, small shield, large shield, and tower shield.

Cultural significance[edit | edit source]

Depictions of decorations on shields are often used in heraldry, reflecting artistic charges drawn on shields traditionally used to identify a noble or their forces on the battlefield.

Deities who use a shield as part of their holy symbol include Yondalla, goddess of halflings; Tempus of the Forgotten Realms; and the dwarven deity Laduguer.

References[edit | edit source]

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