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'Shadowland, also called Shadowlands or Shadowlords, was a World of Greyhawk adventure module in-development at TSR which was never complete. It was being produced by Gary Gygax and Skip Williams.

Official synopsis[]

A high-level module set in the World of Greyhawk. Journey to the perilous Plane of Shadow to rescue Princess Esterilla and confront the master of the plane... where you find yourself an unexpected guest at a wedding where the guests include a lizardman, a catlord, and a mistress of illusion!


In Greyhawk: The Shape of the world, Dragon #37 (May 1980), p.10, Gary Gygax mentioned a World of Greyhawk adventure module in development, "Shadowland":

"Skip Williams is working on my original outline for Shadowland, and from what I’ve seen so far, we should be able to have a final product out this year. The module will be an adventure on the Plane of Shadow—perhaps that should be Quasi-plane of Shadow."

The module was not released in 1980 as planned, but would remain in development. A substantial amount of work was done on the project, including the plot outline, descriptive text, and various new monsters.[1]

The product was assigned the TSR stock code number 9184, which was ultimately unused.[2] It was intended to use the module code WG7, releasing after Gygax's WG6 Isle of the Ape (1985). The code WG7 was eventually used for WG7 Castle Greyhawk (1988), a parody of Gygax's original D&D dungeon.

An advertisement for this adventure module appeared in the Summer 1986 Mail Order Hobby Shop catalog, which referred to it by the name Shadowlords.[2]

In 1985, Gary Gygax left TSR on bad terms, which prevented work from proceeding.[1]

Gygax retained both his and Skip's notes on the project. Following TSR's bankruptcy and sale to Wizards of the Coast, it became possible for the two to collabrate on the work again. However, Skip Williams was uninterested in continuing the project.[1] Although Wizards of the Coast offered permission for Gygax to release the work, it would have been be produced without up-front payment, which may explain Williams' reluctance to work on the project.[2]