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Set Snares
Warrior, Rogue
1 Slot
Dexterity -1

A character with this proficiency has the ability to set simple snares and traps, primarily to catch small game. These traps might include simple rope snares, tiger traps, net snares, and spring traps. Traps for small creatures are done normally, taking one hour of work. Large traps (such as tiger traps and net snares) impose a -4 penalty on the check and take 2d4 hours of work to set. Of course, in order to construct a trap, the character must have access to the necessary materials (such as nets, sharpened sticks, bowstring, heavy thread, flexible vine, etc).

The character must roll a proficiency check when the trap is first constructed, and each time it is reset. A failed proficiency check yeilds an ineffective trap. The DM ultimately decides if an effective trap is actually triggered.

Thief characters with this proficiency can rig traps for humanoids, including triggered crossbows, deadfalls, springboards, etc, with the -4 penalty for making a large trap. The DM decides how much damage a given trap deals. A "mantrap" might require more than one character to work on it, and it requires 1d8 hours of work to set.

The Animal Lore proficiency adds a +2 bonus to this proficiency when seting a trap to capture small game.

Skills & Powers

CP 3, Initial Rating 6, Dexterity (Aim) / Wisdom (Intuition)

A character can construct two snares in one hour with this proficiency by making a check. To determine if the trap is successful, the character also makes a check after 8 hours when examining the snares. This check gains a +2 bonus from the Animal Lore proficiency, and a +2 bonus from the Animal Empathy trait. Success means that a small animal -- a rabbit, for instance, or a partridge -- was snared. The DM can modify the chance of success based on the population of snare-able animals in the area.

A larger trap can be made as well, also with a proficiency check. An 8' deep, 6' wide square pit takes at least 8 hours to construct presuming soft ground and a shovel. Rocky ground, larger pits, and makeshift tools increase the time required greatly. Whether anything falls into the trap is up to the DM.