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Seawolves are an unusual species of lycanthropes who take a form of an animal found in nature: a seal, with a wolf's head. They are rapacious and cruel, delighting in violence, much like the werewolves of the forest. Like most other lycanthropes, they have a hybrid form (a humanoid form with wolflike characteristics), and a humanoid form (without any overt animalistic traits).

Seawolves spread their lycanthropic curse through their bite, transforming all they leave alive into the same cruel beasts that they are, warping their body and their mind.


Aside from their bite (which carries their curse), and any weapons or tools their humanoid forms wield, sea wolves have no overt special combat abilities. They frequently have class powers, specializing in classes that value Strength and Constitution (fighters, barbarians, and others).

Enemies and Allies[]

Seawolves have a particular hatred for selkies, and will kill these fey creatures outright whenever possible.

Seawolves may be found in the company of other seals as well, leading such creatures in attacking coastal settlements.

Greater Seawolves[]

Greater seawolves are larger and more powerful, with greater control over their shape-shifting abilities.