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Sea serpents are amphibious monsters that are considered among the most frightening creatures of the seas.[1]



Sea serpents are characterized by long serpentine bodies adorned with blue scales across their main body, with red scales coating their accessory appendages. They have forked tongues. They possessed a frill across the spine, with a collection of frilled fins at the head.[1]

Those that live long enough to be classified as 'ancient' become so massive they can easily take town an entire ship with little concern, gorging upon the victims that fell to the sea below.[1]

Personality and alignment[]

Sea serpents are territorial and aggressive creatures, just the same as any other type of dragon. They do not abide sea vessels entering to their claimed territory without offering consent. They can be placated with offerings of riches, but prefer live sacrifices.[1]

They love collecting treasure and other valuables that fall from ships they sink, collecting it as it falls to the sea bed floor.[1]

Abilities and traits[]

Even as juveniles, sea serpents are stealthy and deadly hunters. They are capable of attacking with a vicious bite, swipe of its tail, or suffocating grip from its lengthy body. They often hide among ocean reefs, waiting for the perfect moment to strike against their foe.[1]

Sea serpents' powerful fins easily jettison them through the waters at an alarming rate of speed.[1]

Their breath weapon was a jet of frigid coldness that could readily freeze their victims in a moment or two.[1]



They live amid sea wrecks or in caves found within the sea floor.[1]

Publication History[]

D&D 5th edition[]

In 5th edition, sea serpents first appeared in Fizban's Treasury of Dragons.[1]