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Saqualaminoi are primitive humanoids related to yetis. Large, brutish, and simple, they are something of a link between the clever, though bestial yeti, and the more civilized folk found in the arctic regions.


Saqualaminoi are generally fairly gentle and peaceful, though they can be roused to a brutal defense of hteir homeland when necessary. They are quite strong, and tend to employ fists and clubs with ruthless efficiency. They are immune to cold-based attacks, and their broad feet keep them from sinking in the snow, so they often use deep snow to their advantage when repeling invaders.


Saqualaminoi dwell in loose assemblies of families near glaciers and icefields on mountains. The saqualaminoi hunt together, and band together to protect each other, but otherwise keep mainly to themselves.

Saqualaminoi have earned a reputation as raiders and pillagers, who come out with snowstorms to destroy villages, but mostly this is when the saqualaminoi's food stores have run out and they need to eat. Still, the creatures don't have a refined sense of trade or property ownership, which can make neighbors uneasy.