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Saag Paneer is a medusa sorceress and bandit. Blinded by her sister, she no longer possesses the ability to turn creatures to stone.

Appearance and personality[]

Saag is a female medusa of typical appearance for her species, a humanoid with reptilian skin and snakes for hair. However, Saag is missing her eyes. Despite this, she can still see through her snake eyes.

She wears a variety of disguises and forms of clothing, and often uses magic to go in human guise and manipulate others.


Saag does not possess the medusa's ability to turn people to stone. However, as a medusa she is still immune to the petrification ability of other medusas.

A talented sorceress, she primarily uses her magic to cast change self, disguising herself as a normal human. She also uses cat's grace to enhance her dexterity and invisibility to sneak up on an opponent or or make an escape.

She is skilled with a shortbow and possesses various magical arrows, including some magically enchanted to be exceptionally lethal to humans in particular.



Saag leads a gang of bandits in the Manifest Undercity. Their number include a mumia cleric of Phaant named Leston, at least eight blind grimlocks, and human rogues Zul, Amon, Halan, Jost and Vorin. Saag's lover Chownag, a human barbarian from the Varlin Mountains, was the original leader of the human rogues. The gang also guard their base with two carrion crawlers.[1]

Saag Paneer's familiar, Pakor, is a tiny viper.


Saag and her gang refuse to pay dues to the Golden, the thieves' guild of Manifest.

Saag still harbors some resentment for her sister, who cut out her eyes.


Saag Paneer and her gang occupy the Lair of the Eyeless Lady, a section of the upper Undercity in the city of Manifest. It consisting of eleven reclaimed buildings, cleared out and renovated for use as a secret base of thieves.

The lair is well hidden and protected. All streets at the perimeter are blocked off by rubble, and all windows are boarded to prevent light leakage. Two entrances, at the east and west, are kept guarded.


Recent history[]

Saag was forced out of her medusa covey after a fight with her sister, who cut out her eyes, depriving her of her ability to turn people to stone. Fleeing to the Undercity of Manifest, she quickly attracted a loyal following of grimlocks. Saag stumbled upon Chownag's gang hideout, and he immediately formed an alliance with the medusa.

Publication history[]

D&D 3rd edition[]

Saag Paneer appears in Ghostwalk (2003), p.215-216.

Creative origins[]

Saag Paneer is the name of an Indian dish. Her familiar, Pakor, is named for pakora, another Indian dish.


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