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Climate/Terrain Tilvanot Peninsula (Warm Urban)
Activity Cycle Night
Frequency Common (30%)
Organization Pack (1d4)
Lair Roaming


Intelligence Low (5-7)
Morale Unreliable (4)
Alignment Neutral


Size Small (4.5 feet tall)
Hit Dice 1/2 (4 hp)
Armor Class 10 (+0)
Movement 9 (90 ft./round)
Actions Desperate Flail
THAC0 20 (+0) 1d2 damage


Treasure Nil
Level/XP I/7 xp

Rullhow are a kind of breedthrall, a slave race created by the Scarlet Brotherhood by combining humans from Olman with a lemur-like creature native to the jungles.

Rullhow are usually encountered in the cities of the Tilvanot Peninsula, where they dwell in dark alleys and scurry on the rooftops. They function to clean the cities, keeping them free of refuse and eating vermin and insects. As agile climbers, they can reach places most other cleaners can't get to.

Rullhow are covered in thin, black hair, with tan or reddish skin underneath, very large eyes, and short tails. They normally go barefoot, and wear only simple breechcloths. They are fearful, and will run from a fight rather than face it, though they feel slightly more secure in large numbers.