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Rhule is a male elder wyrm[1] white dragon appearing in Die Vecna Die! (2000).[2]

Appearance and personality[]

Rhule is an exceptionally ancient and massive white dragon, a hundred feet long from head to tail. Few white dragons ever live long enough to achieve Rhule's power.

Rhule is violent and eagerly punishes those who wrong him. He is single-minded and clever enough to cut off the line of escape of invaders to his realm, and bloodthirsty enough to do this just to be sure of making another kill.

He is utterly fearless, having never known an enemy who could defeat him. He despises other beings in general, and wants nothing more than to be left alone to his great slumber. He cares little for treasure or valuables.


Rhule is even stronger and more ancient than any known white dragon of Oerth. He possesses all the abilities of that race of dragons, including cold breath and freezing fog.

In addition, Rhule has mastered certain arcane magic, including the ability to control fires and control the minds of lesser creatures, although its phenomenal physical strength and combat prowess means that it rarely needs to use these abilities.


Rhule is the solitary ruler of an entire icy moon, orbiting a gas giant around a dark star. The moon's name and location are unknown to the stargazers of Oerth. The only known way to reach it is through a portal at the ancient site of Tovag Baragu.

The icy moon has breathable atmosphere. Tidal forces produce a small amount of heat, but the surface temperature is still low enough that a typical human will freeze to death within a day.


Rhule has no treasure hoard, considering ownership of an entire moon to be sufficient treasure.


Cultists of Vecna visited Rhule's lair using the planeshifting ability of Tovag Baragu, but managed to talk the dragon into sparing their lives by promising (incorrectly) that no more visitors would disturb him.


  1. Elder wyrm is a category beyond great wyrm, the most ancient and powerful age category of true dragon.
  2. Die Vecna Die! (2000), p.17.