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Remorhaz by BenWootten

A remorhaz on the attack!

Remorhazes are strange creatures resembling giant centipedes. They reside in cold, arctic climates, and radiate a powerful, steel-melting heat from their hide.

Physical Appearance[]

Remorhazes are huge, insect-like creatures, with an average body length of about 20 feet. It scuttles about on hundreds of legs, but the head portion of the creature actually lifts off the ground on small wings. From this "rearing" standpoint, the creature's maw snaps forward to attack its enemies. Much of the creature's chitinous hide is blue or white, but, when engaged in combat, the spines on its back glow cherry-red and radiate a heat powerful enough to melt metal.


Remorhazes are dangerous largely because they consider most anything smaller than themselves -- often including giants -- as potential meals. Through the powerful heat radiated by the creature, they are not only resistant to cold and ice (like many arctic creatures), but also resistant to fire, making them very valuable for many fire-vulnerable creatures. The heat is such that they can melt metal that hits them wrong. They also enjoy consuming their prey quickly, often while still alive, and the creature's intense internal heat reduces the prey to ash nearly instantly.

Mental Outlook[]

As simple beasts, remorhazes are mostly interested in mating and eating and little else. They are surprisingly easy to train, however, understanding spoken commands well enough to make them valuable guards and pets. However, they are not loyal -- a hungry or mistreated remorhaz will easily turn on and devour those who it once obeyed.


The eldest remohrazes grow to immense size and strength, and become dominant natural forces in the lands in which they reside.

Enemies and Allies[]

Though newly hatched remorhazes may be eaten by many creatures, they quickly become apex predators in their environments, devouring everything from elk to polar bears. Frost giants bear a certain afinity for the giant bugs, and they will domesticate such creatures to use as guards, or simply as forges for melting metal for their weapons and armor.