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Redmod Dumple male[1] dwarf 9th-level fighter who appears in G1-3 Against the Giants (1981), in a list of original tournament characters.[2]

Redmod has exceptional strength, and like many dwarves is exceptionally tough. He is lawful neutral by alignment, and speak the languages of many of the dwarves' traditional enemies. He wields a powerful magically-enhanced one-handed dwarven hammer, plate mail, and a shield.

Creative origins[]

Gygax named tournament characters in this module after entries in entries in a dictionary of obscure words, Poplollies and Bellibones: A Celebration of Lost Words. "Redmod" means "hasty, rash". "Dumple" means "to bed or compress into a dumpy shape.[3][4]


  1. Redmod's gender is not stated, but it must be male since he has exceptional strength of 18/74. As per the AD&D Players Handbook (1e) (1978), p.9, female dwarves have a maximum possible strength score of 17, while male dwarves have a maximum strength of 18/99.
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