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Psionics Handbook is a 160-page sourcebook for Dungeons & Dragons 3.0 released in March 2001.

It was later updated with the D&D 3.5 sourcebook Expanded Psionics Handbook (2004).

Official synopsis[]

Masters of the Mind

Adventurers speak of a rare breed of heroes who can bend the laws of nature to their bidding through sheer force of will. This mental manipulation is not magical, nor is it the stuff of superstitious gossip. It is the art of psionics...

This supplement for the D&D game provides psionic character classes and prestige classes, psionic skills and feats, a psionic combat system, and a plethora of psionic powers, items, and monsters – everything you need to include psionics in your campaign.


Development and release[]


Psionics Handbook was written by Bruce R. Cordell. The cover art was by Arnie Swekel, with interior illustration by Lars Grant-West, Heather Hudson, David Martin, Wayne Reynolds, Arnie Swekel, and Sam Wood.


Psionics Handbook was released by Wizards of the Coast in March 2001 for $26.95 US, or $41.95 Canadian.

It is one of a small number of first-party D&D books which have not received a digital re-release. This may be because the book is superceded by Expanded Psionics Handbook (2004).

Reception and influence[]

Critical reception[]

Influence on other works[]

It was later updated with the D&D 3.5 sourcebook Expanded Psionics Handbook (2004).

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