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The Psionicist or Psionic is a category of characters with enhanced abilities, several character classes, and class kits in Dungeons & Dragons. It is included in class categories as it exists both with other classes simultaneously without multi-classing or dual-classing and can exist separately on its own.

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Notable Psionicists[]

For a full list of Psionicists, see Category:Psionicists.

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Publication history[]

Original D&D[]

Psionic abilties were first introduced in Eldritch Wizardry (1976) which began with how characters would be determined to have these abilities and futher describing psionic combat, attack modes, defense modes, restoration of power and individual abilities. Characters with high intelligence or wisdom scores had a 10% chance of having psionic powers. Characters would follow normal class progression rules if they were determined to have psionic abilities. As characters increased in level this would increase by 10% per level. A 10th level character therefore had a 100% chance of being psychic if meeting the ability requirements.

Basic D&D[]

AD&D 1st edition[]

In the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Players Handbook (1e) (1978) the Psionics ability, powers, disciplines and the requirements to use them were included in Appendix I: Psionics on pages 110 to 117. The requirements of unmodified intelligence, wisdom and now charisma were increased to a minimum of 16. A percentile role of was made with a 00 on die (100%) meaning the character had psionic ability. This was increased for each point of intelligence, wisdom and charisma point above 16.

AD&D 2nd edition[]

D&D 3rd edition[]

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D&D 5th edition[]

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