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In many campaign settings for the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game, Psilofyr is the myconid deity of community, healing, and philosophy. His symbol is a mycelium basket holding a crystal vial.


Psilofyr is depicted as a myconid of gigantic proportions, his vast mycelium complex drifting behind him as he levitates just above the ground. His color changes to match the environment or his moods. He is meditational and pacifistic, a god of mental communication, and a powerfully spiritual being. He is akin to the world-trees of other mythologies, such as Emmantiensien and Rillifane Rallathil, his mycelia reaching through the planes as do the roots of the tree-gods.


Psilofyr is an ally of the gnomish deities Callarduran Smoothhands and Segojan Earthcaller, as well as the drow goddess Kiaransalee. He is a foe of Laduguer, Lolth, Urdlen, and Vhaeraun.

His relationship with Zuggtmoy is unknown, but can't be good.


Psilofyr's realm in Mechanus, called Mycelia, is an immense, perfectly round cavern hollowed into the underside of a gear on the far side of the plane. It smells of fungus and sweet decay. Dim purple light emanates from the fungus that carpets the floor. Stalactites and stalagmites are arranged with obviously ordered intent. In the realm's center is the Palace of Psilofyr, a gargantuan mushroom that rises from a bottomless lake. Psilofyr banishes those with violent intent from his realm.

Mycelia can only be found by those not seeking it; those who comprehend this paradox are ready for the realm of Psilofyr.


Psilofyr is pacifistic and meditative, a god who eschews confrontation and encourages peace with one's environment. He advises his followers to avoid contact with humanoid races, because those made of meat are violent, hasty, and have no appreciation of what is best in life.


Psilofyr is worshipped mainly by myconids. Psilofyr protects, supports, and teaches his chosen race, the myconids. He is believed to guide senior myconids in choosing their next king.


Psilofyr has no formal clergy, but he may grant divine magic to myconid kings in exceptional cases. These priest-kings have the same duties as other kings, though they are given clerical powers by their god to aid their people in times of need.


Psilofyr is served by a short-statured myconid cleric called Cybin Decayer, who keeps to the shadows and rarely speaks above a whisper.


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