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A proxy is an elite individual specially chosen by a deity to act on their behalf.[1] Proxies are generally chosen from those who have done some great deed for their deity. They may be mortals transported to the god's realm, or the souls of dead worshipers (petitioners).[2]

Divine proxies[]

A divine proxy is a being selected to serve as representative of a deity. The deity invests a portion of their divinity in the proxy, elevating them to the status of a demigod. Deities typically choose proxies from among their most exemplary servants.[2]

A proxy gains the divine abilities of the deity. For example, if the Norse goddess Sif has the godlike ability to move in combat with superhuman speed, her proxy Anja Raaven gains that ability too. Proxies are considered to represent their deity, and gods take personal offence if their proxy is treated without respect.[2]

The amount of divine power necessary to elevate a proxy is considerable, and a deity is necessarily limited to only a handful at a time. The deity can withdraw their gift from a proxy at will.[2]

Other proxies[]

Among planar inhabitants, the term "proxy" is more broadly used to refer to servants of deities. These include the spirits of dead worshipers transformed into beings in the deity's service, such as celestials or demons. Some use the term to refer to all extraplanar beings, but this is generally considered to be technically incorrect.[1]


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