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Creates a barrier of weaponized color.

Original D&D[]

Debuted in Supplement I: Greyhawk, for the magic-user. Dragon Magazine #1 introduced this spell to the Illusionist spell list, at a lower level, and Dragon Magazine #12 retained that.

  • Spell Level 9 (magic-user) or 7 (illusionist)
  • Duration 1 hour

Creates a 20' globe of whirling, scintillating color. Any creature with less than 8 HD who looks at the wall is blinded for 1d6 turns. The caster can pass through the wall without harm, but all others are subject to each of the 7 barriers when they move through the area with the wall. To destroy the wall, each layer of the barrier must be negated, with a specific spell, in order.

Color Order Negate Barrier Pass Through
Red 1 Ice Storm Prevents magic missiles 12 points of damage
Orange 2 Lightning Bolt Prevents non-magical missiles 24 points of damage
Yellow 3 Magic Missile Prevents breath weapons 48 points of damage
Green 4 Passwall Anti- location/ detection save vs. poison or die
Blue 5 Disintegrate Anti-cleric spells save vs. stone or become petrified
Indigo 6 Dispel Magic force field save vs. wand or become crystallized (dead and irrecoverable)
Violet 7 Continual Light anti-magic shell save vs. spell or become permenantly insane