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Polar bear


Polar bears in D&D are wild animals that live in cold regions all over the world, from mountaintops to glaciers to ice continents. They are some of the strongest bears around, mightier than even the ancient cave bear. They are surprisingly powerful swimmers, and are not bothered by freezing water temperatures, making them ideal coastal residents. Though they exist in the wild, they are frequently domesticated and used as allies by powerful creatures that reside in the same regions.

Physical Appearance[]

A polar bear is a Large bear with pale white fur.


Polar bears feed mainly on seals, whales, small mammals, and fish. They use their powerful swimming ability to hunt in the ocean itself, and to dive in after escaping aquatic prey. They possess supreme smell and great patience, and will lie in wait near a breathing hole for an ambush for days, patiently biding their time until their expectant prey breathes, and offers them an oppotunity to kill.