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Po is a half-dragon kobold NPC appearing in Bastion of Broken Souls (2002).

Appearance and personality[]

Po is a kobold with red, dragonlike scales. He wields an unholy longsword named Flesh Farewell and makes use of boots of speed and magical potions in battle. However, Po is neither fearless nor stupid, and would rather make a tactical retreat or surrender rather than fight to the death.

His name resembles that of fellow kobold Meepo, although it is not known if they have any relation. Both names may be draconic in origin.


In addition to excellent skill as a swordsman, Po's draconic heritage allows him to breathe fire and resist flame himself.


Po was the offspring of the red dragon Ashardalon and a kobold mother. He has one kobold sister or half-sister, the bard Pemoka, and is likewise related to various half-dragon offspring of his father, Ashardalon.

Both Po and Pemoka entered the service of Ashardalon, where Po guarded the entrace to the Bastion of Souls.[1]

Publishing history[]

Po appears in Bastion of Broken Souls (2002), p.38.


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