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Player's Handbook 3 is a supplement for Dungeons & Dragons 4th edition. It was the last of three Player's Handbook sourcebooks for that edition, and presented new character races, classes, magic items and options. It introduced the psionic power source to D&D 4th edition.



The book's introduction presents the psionic power source, along with new lore linking it to the Dawn War pantheon and World Axis cosmology.

Chapter 1: Character Races

Four new races are introduced: the githzerai, minotaur, shardmind, and wilden. Four racial paragon paths are introduced: the minotaur blooded champion, the wilden nature's avatar, the githyanki rrathmal and the shardmind shard disciple.

Chapter 2: Character Classes

Six new character classes are introduced, and four paragon paths for each:

  • the ardent, a psionic leader, and its paragon paths: the argent soul, psionic binder, stygian adept, and talaric strategist
  • the battlemind, a psionic defender, and its paragon paths: the eternal blade, iron guardian, steel ego, and zephyr blade
  • the monk, a psionic striker, and its paragon paths: the ghostwalker, initiate of the dragon, mountain devotee, and radiant fist
  • the psion, a psionic controller, and its paragon paths: the cerulean adept, dreamwalker, time bender, and uncarnate
  • the runepriest, a divine leader, and its paragon paths: the hammer of vengeance, light bringer, master of the forge, and rune shield
  • the seeker, a primal controller, and its paragon paths: the crimson hunter, death arrow, seven fates archer, and swift strider

This chapter also introduces the concept of hybrid characters, a multiclassing mechanic.

Six epic destinies are introduced: the monk's diamond soul, the godmind for any psionic class, the battlemind's invincible mind, the seeker's master of the eternal hunt, the runepriest's rune maker, and the ardent's war master.

Chapter 3: Character options

This chapter introduces the concept of skill powers, utility powers which require training in a relevant skill.

It introduces numerous feats, including multiclass feats. It introduces various superior implements and magic items.

Development and release

Player's Handbook 3 was released in March 2010. It was the first book of its name; while earlier editions of the game included a Player's Handbook and Player's Handbook 2, D&D 4th edition was the first to release a book titled Player's Handbook 3.

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