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In the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game, the pixie is a fey. Based upon the faeries and pixies of myth, they are merry and carefree pranksters who inhabit forests and woodlands.

Physical Description[]

Pixies resemble closely the common stereotypical image of a fairy or pixie. They resemble tiny elves, only with sneakier, less majestic faces, longer ears, and gossamer insect's wings coming from their backs. They wear bright clothing, including caps and shoes with curled, pointed toes. However, pixies are also always invisible, even when attacking, and unless they choose not to be invisible, only others of their race can see them.


Although goodly, pixies adore playing tricks and pranks. Some of their favorite pastimes include leading travelers astray, pinching skin black and blue, and stealing invaluable items. Like grigs (whom they sometimes work with), though usually peaceful, they can be ferocious and determined in combat and are ruthless against evil beings and unwanted intruders. They bear arrows which cause those hit to fall asleep or forget everything they know or have seen.

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