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Piranha color


Climate/Terrain Tropical Rivers (Warm Freshwater)
Activity Cycle Day
Frequency Uncommon (20%)
Organization Shoal of 1d10*5
Lair Roaming


Intelligence Unintelligent (0)
Morale Unsteady (6)
Alignment Neutral (Unaligned)


Size Tiny (8-10 inches long)
Hit Dice 1/2 (4 hp)
Armor Class 8 (+2)
Movement Swim 9 (90 ft./round)
Traits Blood Frenzy
If one piranha in a group deals damage, every piranha in the shaol can attack twice per round.
Up to 20 prinahna can attack a Medium-sized creature at once.
Actions Nibble
THAC0 20 (+0) 1d2 damage


Treasure Nil
Level/XP I/7 xp

Piranha are greatly feared fish capable of turning an entire cow to a skeleton in a matter of moments. Though individually small, they swarm at the scent of blood, and are known to eat nearly anything, including humanoids. They are silvery or black, with pinkish underbellies (they tend to dwell in silty rivers where this matches the color of the water). Their bellies have sharp, saw-toothed scales, and their triangular teeth have a scissor-like sharpness.

When a new creature enters the piranha's area, there is a 75% chance that one takes a bite. If this happens, and a hit is scored, the rest of the shoal begins to swarm.

Outside of their native rivers, piranha are mostly found in the moats and traps of powerful dungeon-builders. Tribes native to the piranha's home employ piranha teeth as arrow or spear points, as or as edges for bone weaponry. Piranha are eaten by a variety of river creatures, including humans.