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The Pillars of Ioun is the name of a group of sages honored by the goddess Ioun, a deity of knowledge and prophecy worshiped in the Nentir Vale.

The Pillars of Ioun are considered exemplary individuals by the followers of that deity, embodying the highest virtues of knowledge. Ioun rewarded each by the establishment of an alabaster monument, each serving as an eternal source of magical energy that draws on the sage's unique talent. Ioun also created a new type of ioun stone in homage to each sage's quality, each stone drawing upon the power held within their great monument.[1]

List of members[]

To date, only seven sages have been so honored.

  • Carrealan Marlais: For her willingness to embrace change, she was honored with the Ioun stone of adaption.
  • Tuvero Kero: For his research into the gods, he was honored with the Ioun stone of divine knowledge.
  • Lar Kay Kiri: For his mastery of all language, he was honored with the Ioun stone of perfect language.
  • Garaji Tourmarii: For his ability to always pick himself up during a lifetime of setbacks, he was honored with the Ioun stone of regeneration.
  • Lowea Dequot: For her refusal to back down when her beliefs were challenged, she was honored with the Ioun stone of steadfastness.
  • Hamail Freo: For his ability to pursue his work without food and drink for extended lengths of time, he was honored with the Ioun stone of sustenence.
  • Jalarae Lillim: For their ability to find truth among falsehoods, they were honored with the Ioun stone of true sight.


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