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Pick of Earth Parting
XP Value: 5,000
GP Value: 25,000

The pick of earth parting allows its wielder to easily create passages in earth. The pick cannot be weilded except by those with a Strength of 17 or better.

When swung at a patch of earth, the pick of earth parting creates a tunnel. A round of swinging the pick back and forth creates a 10-ft. by 10-ft. by 60-ft. tunnel. The tunnel is smooth and clean, with the rubble being magically erased, leaving a clear passage.

Cursed Pick of Earth Parting[]

When a pick of earth parting is cursed, it works like a normal pick of earth parting in that it still creates a tunnel. However, the pick is cursed to create a tunnel in a perfect circle - the tunnel turns by 1 degree per foot, resulting in a perfectly round tunnel after 360 feet. Additionally, a dwarf that handles a cursed pick of earth parting will loose all mining abilities until the curse is removed.