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"A nightmarish nursery of decaying viscera and howling slaves."
— The Demonomicon[1]

The Phage Breeding Grounds is the 53rd layer of the Abyss.

Traits and environment[]

This entire layer is a massive, winding tunnel of perpetually rotting flesh, built from the intestines of the primordial entity Ramenos, sleeping god of the bullywugs. It is ten miles long, and its walls are lined with thick mucus.[1]

The Phage Breeding Grounds take their name from the slaad reproductive process, the disease called the chaos phage.[2] The walls of this realm are embedded with countless still-living humanoid victims, infected with slaad parasites which hatch over the course of days.[1]

Disease-based attacks are more potent within this realm.[1]


The entire layer is dedicated to the reproduction of the slaad species, and is inhabited by slaad and their humanoid victims.

Even other demons avoid this putrescent realm.


The layer's undisputed ruler is the slaad lord Urae-Naas, a massive, obese creature and former consort of Ramenos.[1]


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