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Palace of the Silver Princess is an expansion module, coded B3, for the Dungeons & Dragons Basic ruleset. Palace of the Silver Princess contains a single adventure laid out in a format suitable for use in running a gaming session. The module includes game maps contained on the unattached outside cover of the publication.

The plot of "Palace of the Silver Princess" revolves around a country frozen in time by a strange red light. The only seemingly unaffected location and the apparent source of the glow is the royal palace. The adventurers must restore the flow of time and save the country.

The history of "Palace of the Silver Princess" is recounted in B3. Palace of the Silver Princess, an article on the official Wizards of the Coast website. The original version of the module, which had an orange cover instead of the forest green, was recalled on the eve of its publication, after a TSR senior executive flipped through it and ordered all copies to be recalled and the artwork to be replaced. All copies of the orange-covered version were consigned to a local landfill, and a new version was published shortly thereafter with a different-colored cover, new interior art, and certain edits made for the sake of playability.

The first edition was released then recalled due to objectionable art. The limited number of copies made this edition a very collectible item[1]. The objectionable art was rather tame in comparison to that released in other products at the time, so the specifics of the recall is a matter open to speculation.[2]

White Dwarf also gave Palace of the Silver Princess an excellent review, giving it a rare 10/10 to which the reviewer added that "this should replace B2 (the Keep on the Borderlands) in the D&D Basic Set". [3]


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File:B3 Palace of the Silver Princess (orange).jpg

Original "banned" orange cover