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"Your curse will do no harm, giant woman, no matter what you threaten. He will drink only good drinks. I ask all the gods to help Ottar!"
Freya, Voluspa en skamma

Ottar the Simple is a male acolyte of the Norse goddess Freya. He is said to be of equivalent ability as Frey's legendary shield-man Skirnir, though not quite as intelligent.[1]

Creative origins[]

Ottar appears in the Norse poem Voluspa en skamma, which describes his family tree in great detail. Ottar is the son of Innstein, son of Alf the Old, son of Ulf, son of Saefari, son of Svan the Red. The goddess Nanna's son is his father's brother-in-law.

Otter built a great stone temple to Freya, and was a faithful follower of the Norse goddesses. Freya rewards him by seeking the witch Hyndla to recite his family tree so that he may prove his contested claim to an inheritance.


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