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In the World of Greyhawk campaign setting for the Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game, Otiluke was an archmage. He was slain by Rary in Harvester 584 CY, at the close of the Greyhawk Wars.

Publication history[]

Otiluke is one of the famous mages of the Greyhawk setting whose spells were included in the 1988 Greyhawk Adventures hardbound.[1]


Otiluke stood just over 5 feet tall, had short black hair, a thin beard, and brown eyes. He was well-dressed, but appeared rather puny. Small and weak, he's one of the few humans who could wear a magical item called gauntlets of kobold power and have it actually benefit him tremendously. It was probably intended as one of those cursed items you can't take off, but Otiluke loved his.

Otiluke was not a wise man, either. With a wisdom of 8 he was, of all the Circle, the least endowed with common sense. Mentally, he was brilliant, the match for Tenser and Bigby in sheer intellectual prowess, but some of his ideas were a few tankards short of a keg.


Otiluke was a member of the Circle of Eight, president of Greyhawk City's Society of Magi, and a member of that city's Directing Oligarchy. Imiric von Suss-Varren, a gnomish count of the Principality of Ulek, once served Otiluke as a henchman. He also lived with a young woman named Glorial, who served him as an apprentice and concubine from 580 CY until his death in 584.


Otiluke was born in early Patchwall of 542 CY. Some time around mid-573, he purchased a home in the City of Greyhawk, a townhouse in the Foreign Quarter on Summoner Court. In 576, he joined the Circle of Eight.


Otiluke is responsible for developing such commonly known spells as:

  • Otiluke's Freezing Sphere or Otiluke's Icy Sphere
  • Otiluke's Resilient Sphere
  • Otiluke's Telekinetic Sphere

Otiluke bases a number of his creations on spheres/orbs/bubbles or screens mixed with elemental forces.

Otiluke has also developed the following additional spells:

  • Otiluke's Acid Cloud
  • Otiluke's Boiling Oil Bath
  • Otiluke's Bubbling Buoyancy
  • Otiluke's Death Screen
  • Otiluke's Diamond Screen
  • Otiluke's Dispelling Screen
  • Otiluke's Electrical Screen
  • Otiluke's Excruciating Screen
  • Otiluke's Fire and Ice
  • Otiluke's Force Umbrella
  • Otiluke's Greater Dispelling Screen
  • Otiluke's Orb of Containment
  • Otiluke's Polar Screen
  • Otiluke's Radiant Screen
  • Otiluke's Siege Sphere
  • Otiluke's Smoky Sphere
  • Otiluke's Steaming Sphere
  • Otiluke's Suppressing Field


Otiluke was responsible for the creation of a monster called a "howler wasp." Unnatural abominations, the product of magical meddling in genetics, these quickly-reproducing monsters are crossbreeds of giant wasps and carnivorous monkeys. Otiluke made them to defend his home against a cabal of slaadi, but he was of course unable to control them and they escaped into the wild.[2]


Otiluke is known to have authored the following works:

  • Gazette on the Norse Climates
  • Otiluke's Practical Gardening
  • Spherogenesis of the Multiverses


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