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An orc

Orcs are the iconic savage humanoids. Strong and numerous, with a delight in violence and chaos, orcs are a scourge on many lands in D&D worlds.


Orcs are disfigured humanoid carnivores, standing approximately 5'11 to 6'2, weighing from 180 to 280 lbs. They are easily noticeable due to their green to gray skin, lupine ears, lower canines resembling boar tusks, and their muscular builds. Orcs stand in a bent over shape making them appear as ape-like humans.


Orcs in colder regions occasionally utilize a snow shaman to mend wounds and start fires.


Orcs don't get along well with any creatures, but they are the special rivals of elves. Some legends even state that they are corrupted elves.

Publication History

Orcs appeared in the White Box set, being tribal humanoids who live in caves and villages. They suffer the same light sensitivity that goblins do, and are considered related to the goblinoids.