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One Grung Above, released in 2017, was a digital supplement released for Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition on the Dungeon Masters Guild.


One Grung Above includes rules for grung player characters, and profiles of four characters: grung d'Ahten'khan, b'Ang'r'Ang, and b'Leep, and albino dwarf Mee'Yah-Ghee. It also details a new musical instrument, the whistle-stick.

Development and release


One Grung Above was designed by Christopher Lindsay ("Author and Director of the Grung Preservation Society"). It tied in with an all-grung campaign, "One Grung Above", that Lindsay first ran for the Stream of Annihilation event in June 2017 with players Matt Colville, Mark Hulmes, Adam Koebel, Nadja Otikor, Satine Phoenix (d'Ahten'khan), Ruty Rutenberg (b'Leep), and Lauren Urban (b'Ang'r'Ang).[1][2] Phoenix, Rutenberg, and Urban were joined in subsequent grung games by Cig Neutron (Mee'Yah-Ghee).

Lindsay had been a fan of the grung since they appeared in World of Greyhawk material for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd edition, and had wanted to make them "a thing" again since he joined the Dungeons & Dragons team in 2010. This led to their inclusion in Volo's Guide to Monsters (2016). Lindsay centered his Stream of Annihilation game around grung in order to stand out, as well as to "confirm to the world" that he was "simply an eccentric goofball".


The supplement was released on the Dungeon Masters Guild in support of Extra Life, with all proceeds from sales going to that charity. According to the blurb on the Dungeon Masters Guild site, the grung traits in the supplement are "officially unofficial".[3]

Reception and influence

As of November 2020, the supplement was a mithral best-seller on the Dungeon Masters Guild.[3]

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