The Nine Hells of Baator, also called Hell, Baator, or commonly the Nine Hells, is a lawful evil aligned outer plane best known the home of the baatezu devils in the Great Wheel cosmology.[1]

Layers of Hell[edit | edit source]

The Nine Hells is divided into nine layers, each with its own archdevil ruler. Asmodeus, Lord of the Ninth, is the realm's ultimate ruler.[1]

  • 1—Avernus: The first layer of Hell, Avernus is a wasteland destroyed by endless warfare. Currently ruled by the fallen angel Zariel, though in the past it has been ruled by the general Bel.
  • 2—Dis: A burning city of iron. Its ruler is Dispater, who inhabits a great Iron Tower.
  • 3—Minauros: A polluted swamp of acid and poison. Its capital, the City of Minauros, is constantly sinking into the marsh. Its ruler is Mammon the Viscount.
  • 4—Phlegethos: A realm of fire and pain. It is ruled jointly by Archduke Belial and his daughter Fierna.
  • 5—Stygia: A frozen sea of icebergs and glaciers. Its ruler, Prince Levistus, is trapped deep within an iceberg here.
  • 6—Malbolge: An treacherous rocky slope. Ruled by the Hag Countess, one of Moloch's trusted advisors prior to the Reckoning of Hell.
  • 7—Maladomini: An expanse of abandoned cities under a black sky. Its ruler is the Archduke Baalzebul.
  • 8—Cania: A lethal frozen wasteland ruled by Mephistopheles.
  • 9—Nessus: A land of trenches and ravines of impossible depth. Its ruler is Asmodeus, who resides in the deepest pit, called the Serpent's Coil.

Creative origins[edit | edit source]

The Nine Hells appear to be inspired by Dante's Inferno, a 14th century epic poem describing a journey through Hell. In this story, Hell is divided into nine concentric circles, each more terrible than the last, with those who sinned in life sent to a circle appropriate to the nature of their sin.

References[edit | edit source]

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