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Nightscale is a female young black dragon appearing in The Forge of Fury (2000).[1]

Appearance and personality[]

Nightscale is a dragon about the size of a wolf, with black scales, foward-pointing horns and eyes in deep spockets somewhat resembling a skull.

Nightscale is cautious and curious. All too aware that there are opponents stronger than herself, she plans her attacks carefully to minimize risk. She has no special love of violence for its own sake, and will happily spare the lives of invaders willing to surrender all of their valuables.

Like most dragons, she is eager to accumulate treasure, and tenatively explores the ancient ruins near her lair almost like a human adventurer would. She is highly protective of her hoard, which has taken some years to accumulate, but is not so reckless as to risk her life for it.


Nightscale possesses the typical abilities for a black dragon, including acid breath, which she is not afraid to use even if it risks destroying her victims' treasure.


Nightscale inhabits the Black Lake, below the abandoned dwarven mountain home of Khundrukar. It is an underground waterway of slippery twisting caverns. Nightscale often rests on an island within one of the caverns, upon which she keeps her collected hoard of treasure.

She uses the dark waters of her lair to her advantage, approaching intruders stealthily like a crocodile.


Nightscale's collection treasure includes ancient weapons smithed by Durgeddin, the legendary dwarven artisan whose clan once inhabited the caverns above the Black Lake. It also includes several thousand gold and silver coins, and a handful of magic items.


Nightscale is worshipped by a band of troglodytes who inhabit the ruins of Khundrukar. The duergar who live there pay her regular tribute, which she adds to her slowly-increasing hoard.


Nightscale hatched approximately twenty years ago. Eager to begin her own hoard, she travelled through the underground waterways to the dwarven ruins of Khundrukar and looted it for treasure.


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