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The Nelanther Isles is a location on Faerûn, a fictional continent, the primary setting of the Forgotten Realms, for Dungeons & Dragons.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Nelanther Isles are a widely scattered chain of nearly one thousand islands west of Amn and Tethyr in the Trackless Sea. More than half the islands lack potable water and are an unfit place to live. The hundreds of islands that can support life are fought over by ruthless pirates who tend to prey upon the shipping of lines Amn, Tethyr, Calimshan, the Sword Coast and the Moonshae Isles.[1]

Among the hundreds of islands, only the largest of the islands are named. Only a handful of these names are known to the mainlanders, while the pirate captains know them like the back of their hands. The bulk of the Nelanther pirates have never been captured due to the multitude of hiding places among the islands. Mainlander maps show many of the main islands and many of the minor islands, but not the shoals, currents, small exposed or submerged islets, and other hazards amond the inner Nelanther.

Aside from their shared acts violence and larceny, the Nelanthers have surprisingly little in common with the Pirate Isles of the Dragon Coast. The Nelanthers' pirates are nonhumans such as orcs, lizardfolk, ogres and minotaurs. These various races and factions wage war on each other as often as they do with outsiders.[1]

Life and society[edit | edit source]

The reavers of the Nelanther Isles are entirely honorless pirates that torture their victims, leaving them to horrible deaths. The Nelanther youth are born into the society's violence and their only escape is death, typically while still young. Nearly all fit adults fight aboard ships, while weak and crippled children who somehow survive are left ashore to make repair ships or salvage wrecks.[1]

Geography[edit | edit source]

The known islands among the pirate captains are:

The Rookery

Notable locations[edit | edit source]

Except for a couple of smaller settlements, the pirates of the Nelanther Isles live in their ships or in huts that can be abandoned at a moment's notice.

Ports[edit | edit source]


Landmarks[edit | edit source]

The Sea Towers
Magically warded hard stone towers that are located on some of the islands and in the sea of the region.[1]

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References[edit | edit source]

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