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AKA: Cave Folk

Neanderthals in D&D are residents of the artic wastes, living in caves and huts in the lands of the glaciers. They are skilled with a variety of primitive weapons, and tolerate cold temperatures very well. They hunt great mammals that wander the chilly plains, specializing in dire animals.Of particular note amongs their prey are woolly mammoths, glyptodons, and branta.


Neanderthals don't relish combat, and would much rather flee than fight. When forced to fight, however, they do so with a keen ferocity and a suprirsing strength, driving home spears and raining down club blows with muscle used to handling dire tigers, dire elephants, and dire rhinoceroses.

Neanderthals tend to be powerfully muscled, and able to take severe injuries with aplomb.

Racial Traits[]

Neanderthals are strong and hardy, surviving well in the cold wilderness, and skilled at using primitive weapons. However, they are rather unimaginative and lack the inventiveness of their human cousins.


Neanderthal leaders are usually the strongest among them, tending to be high-level fighters. Neanderthal leaders would be remiss without their advisors, however -- powerful shamans with magic of nature.


Neanderthals tend to use stone axes, clubs, and spears -- very simple weapons, but brutally effective in their hands. They do not wear true armor, relying on various hides and their own skill to protect them.


Neanderthals live primarily in caves. The noncombatants live here, too. The neanderthals store their treasure, such as it is, in here, and this treasure may consist of antlers, tusks, bones, precious stones, or even occasional bits of metal.


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