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The Mouseburglar is a character kit presented in The Complete Book of Gnomes & Halflings for gnome fighters. Mouseburglars are stealth-focused gnomish thieves who make brilliant spies by being "quiet as a mouse."

Character Role[]

Mouseburglars represent the "small, quiet" character, someone who sees much simply because others don't notice she's there. A mouseburglar serves well as a master of  reconnaissance, a scout who is able to be in places others would find impossible.  Mouseburglars tend to be the type more likely to run away than to fight.

Building a Mouseburglar[]

Having a high Dexterity and Intelligence is necessary to be a mouseburglar. Their skill as spies is improved the more languages they master, and proficiencies like Reading Lips, Tightrope Walking, and Forgery can help them get into places others can't access to gather information. As thieves, they emphasize Hide in Shadows, Move Silently, and Open Locks for similar purposes. For weapons, they tend to use tools easily used with silence, such as the sling, bow, dagger, and short sword.

Game Rule Information[]

  • Ability Score Requirement: Dexterity and Intelligence 13
  • Benefits: At first level, mouseburglars gain +5% to Open Locks and Move Silently. At every level, they recieve a +5% bonus that can be applied to those skills, Find/Remove Traps, or Read Languages.
  • Hinderances: -1 to all attack rolls