The Mountain of Ultimate Winter is located on the Elemental Plane of Ice. It is arguably the coldest place in the mutliverse, a place so frigid that thoughts and words freeze as instantly as flesh and water.

From The Inner PlanesEdit

"This oft-mentioned location sits on the Precipice , amid a number of other icy mountains. Cold winds whip around the jagged peaks of this white monstrosity, which sparkles with icy crystals. Although most outlanders say that the Chiseled Estate is the coldest spot in the paraplane , they're wrong. That distinction belongs to the Mountain of Ultimate Winter, which suggests that it's actually the coldest place in the multiverse.
Nonnatives who come to the Mountain must make a successful saving throw vs. spell or freeze utterly solid in 1d4 rounds. Nonnative creatures that are immune to cold (such as ice toads or winter wolves) suffer 1d6 points of damage per round while here.
An area of true cold, the Mountain of Ultimate Winter freezes everything from words to concepts. These things become tiny crystals worth anywhere from 100 to 5,000 gold pieces, depending on the item and the buyer. The Mountain is also home to immoths and paraelementals , who like to capture explorers and store them -- frozen solid, of course -- in the Caves of Folly. (The collection isn't nearly as pristine or elegant as that in Arcolantha .)"

Publication HistoryEdit

  • 2e: Appeared in the Planescape pruduct, The Inner Planes.