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Monster Manual IV, released in 2007, is a sourcebook for Dungeons & Dragons 3.5.



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List of monsters

The book provides game statistics for over 100 monsters:

Arcadian avenger, banshrae, blackwing, burrow root, Dalmosh, deadborn vulture (deadborn vulture, deadborn vulture zombie), demon (adaru, carnage demon, draudnu, gadacro, solamith), demonthorn mandrake, devil (gulthir, remmanon, stitched devil), dragons of the Great Game (xorvintaal dragon (template; Chorranathau the Inscrutable, Morlicantha), xorvintaal exarch (template; Singh the Immense)), elemental mage (ken-kuni, ken-li, ken-sun), ember guard, ethereal defiler, fetid fungus, frostwind virago, garngrath, gem scarab, god-blooded creature (template; Gruumsh-blooded (Nozgûg, Gruumsh-blooded orc), Imix-blooded, Kord-blooded, Orcus-blooded, Vecna-blooded, Yeenoghu-blooded), golem (force golem, magmacore golem), graveyard sludge, greenspawn zealot, guulvorg, haunt (bridge haunt, forest haunt, taunting haunt), hobgoblin (hobgoblin duskblade, hobgoblin spellscourge, hobgoblin warcaster, hobgoblin warsoul), Illurien, jaebrin, kuo-toa (crazed kuo-toa, kuo-toa exalted whip, kuo-toa harpooner, kuo-toa monitor), malastor, merchurion, mind flayers of Thoon (Thoon disciple, shadow flayer, Thoon infiltrator, Thoon thrall (template), Thoon soldier, madcrafter of Thoon, scyther of Thoon, stormcloud of Thoon, Thoon hulk, Thoon elder brain), mockery bug (mockery monarch, mockery drone), phantom (template; Kugan, phantom ghast ninja), ruin chanter, ruin elemental, rylkar (rylkar harridan, rylkar madclaw, rylkar tormentor, rylkspawn swarm), sanguineous drinker, scouring construct (scouring slinger (scouring slinger, slinger scorpion), scouring stanchion), shaedling, shardsoul slayer, siege beetle, skull lord (skull lord, bonespur, serpentir, spectral rider), spawn of Juiblex (lesser spawn of Juiblex, greater spawn of Juiblex, elder spawn of Juiblex), spirrax, steelwing, Thrym hound, tirbana (tirbana eyewing, tirbana drowser, tirbana slayer, tirbana spawner), troll (bladerager troll), tusk terror, ushemoi (arkamoi, hadrimoi, lashemoi, turlemoi), vampires (the Black Duke, the Red Widow), verdant reaver, vinespawn, vivisector, Wild Hunt (master of the hunt, hound of the hunt).

Other material

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Reception and influence

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External links

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