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Monster Manual IV, released in 2006, is a sourcebook for Dungeons & Dragons 3.5.



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List of monsters

The book provides game statistics for over 100 monsters:

avatars of elemental evil (black rock triskelion (earth avatar), cyclonic ravager (air avatar), holocaust disciple (fire avatar), waterveiled assassin (water avatar)), balhannoth, bloodfire ooze, bloodhulk (bloodhulk fighter, bloodhulk giant, bloodhulk crusher), bloodsilk spider, briarvex, clockroach, clockwork mender (clockwork mender, clockworm mender swarm), clockwork steed (clockwork stallion, clockwork pony), concordant killer, corrupture, defacer, demon (deathdrinker, kastighur, nashrou, whisper demon), demonhive (demonhive attendant, demonet swarm, demonhive queen), dwarf ancestor, elf (drow (Lolth's sting, dark sniper, arcane guard, drow priestess)), giant (craa'ghoran giant), githyanki (githyanki soldier, gish, githyanki captain), gnoll (slave-taker, fiendish cleric of Yeenoghu, half-fiend gnoll warlock), golem (fang golem), howler wasp (howler wasp, howler wasp queen), inferno spider, joystealer, justice archon (justice archon, justice archon champion), lizardfolk (Dark Talon tribe (Dark Talon soldier; Dark Talon champion; Dark Talon wasp rider; dark talon shaman; Yarshag, Dark Talon king)), lodestone marauder, Lolth-touched creature (template; Lolth-touched bebilith, Lolth-touched drow ranger, Lolth-touched monstrous spider), lunar ravager, mageripper swarm, minotaur (greathorn minotaur), nagatha, necrosis carnex, oaken defender, ogre (ogre scout, ogre tempest, ogre guard thrall), orc (orc berserker, war howler, orc battle priest, orc plague speaker, half-orc infiltrator), plague walker, quanlos, sailsnake, skiurid, spawn of Tiamat (blackspawn raider (blackspawn raider, blackspawn exterminator), blackspawn stalker, bluespawn ambusher, bluespawn burrower, bluespawn godslayer, bluespawn stormlizard, greenspawn leaper, greenspawn razorfiend, greenspawn sneak (greenspawn sneak, greenspawn sneak raid leader), redspawn arcaniss, redspawn firebelcher, whitespawn hordeling, whitespawn hunter (whitespawn hunter, whitespawn berserker), whitespawn iceskidder), tomb spider (tomb spider, tomb spider broodswarm, web mummy), varag (varag, varag pack leader), verdant prince, vitreous drinker, windblade (windrazor, windscythe), wizened elder, wrackspawn, yuan-ti (pureblood slayer, halfblood deceiver, abomination cult leader, yuan-ti ignan), yugoloth (corruptor of fate (corruptor of fate, corruptor of fate assassin), voor (voor, dreadful lasher), zern, zern experiments (zern arcanovore, zern blade thrall).

Other material

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Reception and influence

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External links

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