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Mithral (also spelled mithril), is a metal appearing in Dungeons & Dragons.


Mithral is a glistening silvery metal, as hard as steel but weighing only half as much.[1] It is exceptionally rare and expensive, and prized by both the elves and the dwarves.

A myth claims that adamantine is an alloy of mithral and steel, but this is not accurate.[2]


Mithral is primarily used to make weapons and armor. Armor made from mithral is exceptionally light, allowing the wearer to benefit from protection without hindering their freedom of movement.[1] The mithral chain shirt is one of the most common.

The rarity and expense of this mineral ensures that it is typically only worked by master artisans, which further contributes to its reputation for quality.

A rare few dragons in the priesthood of Bahamut carry a holy symbol made of mithral.[3]

The chime of opening is made of mithral.[4]

Creative origins[]

Mithral derives from mithril, a silvery metal appearing in Tolkien's Lord of the Rings. The difference in spelling is likely to be to avoid copyright, as with other name changes in the game's early history (e.g. hobbit to halfling, balrog to balor, etc).

Mithril has since become popular in countless video games and works of fiction via its inclusion in Dungeons & Dragons.

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