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Meepo's "Pump-Action Shotgun" is an otherworldly minor artifact wielded by Meepo, Keeper of Dragons.


Meepo's "Pump-Action Shotgun" is a short blunderbuss sized for a small creature, such as a kobold. A wooden handle along the base of the barrel is "pumped" to load the weapon's ammunition.


Meepo's "Pump-Action Shotgun" is a +3 shotgun, an advanced kind of blunderbuss which requires a form of ammunition known as "12-gauge shotgun shells". Unlike a crossbow, it has the ability to fire six times before reloading.[1]

In addition to its magical enhancement, it has the ability to magically create six new shells. It can use this ability up to five times per day. However, these must still be loaded manually.


Following the annihilation of his tribe at the Sunless Citadel, Meepo ran until he found himself in another world, one where advanced firearm technology is commonplace.

According to Meepo, his shotgun was crafted by a famed artificer named Mossburg.[1]

Publication history

Meepo's "Pump-Action Shotgun" appears in the article "1d20 Villains: D&D's Most Wanted; Preferably Dead", in Dragon Magazine #359.[1]


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