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Matt Colville (full name Matthew Colville) is a game designer, known for the D&D-centric Running the Game series on YouTube, launched in 2016.

Colville's earliest D&D-related publications were d20 System products published under the Open Game License for Eden Studios: Akrasia, Thief of Time (2001), Liber Bestarius: The Book of Beasts (2002), and Fields of Blood: The Book of War (2003).

Colville later co-wrote the first volume of Critical Role: Vox Machina - Origins with Matthew Mercer and launched successful Kickstarters for the 5e-compatible products Strongholds & Followers and Kingdoms & Warfare, published through his company MCDM Productions.

Colville was briefly employed by Wizards of the Coast after their acquisition of his then-employer Last Unicorn Games in 2000, during which he worked on an unreleased Dune role-playing game.[1]

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