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Mark of Amber is a 72-page sourcebook for [missing data] released in June 1995.

Official synopsis[]

Tienne d'Ambreville, the most powerful wizard in all Glantri, is missing and presumed dead. There are some who would like to keep it that way. Only by entering the dreams of a dying Immortal can player characters discover the truth.

Meanwhile, a sinister killer stalks the d'Ambreville family, murdering them one by one. Can the heroes identify the killer and solve the mystery before it's too late?

A sequel to the popular adventure Castle Amber (Chateau d'Amberville), this story is set thirty years after the original adventure.

Contents include:

  • Poster-size player's map of the chateau
  • 64-page Adventure Book
  • 8 parchment sheets for players and DM

Note: Audio CD components not included in the Softcover version of the book. If you want to audio files you will need to purchase the Digital or the Print + Digital combo option.


Development and release[]


The book was written by Aaron Allston, Jeff Grubb, John D. Rateliff and Bruce Heard. Art was provided by Den Beauvais and James Holloway.


Mark of Amber was released by TSR in June 1995 for $[missing data] US or $[missing data] Canadian.

On May 30, 2017, it was re-released in digital format. It is currently available on DriveThruRPG and Dungeon Masters Guild for $4.99.

Reception and influence[]

Critical reception[]

As of 2023, Mark of Amber reached the rank of Electrum seller on DriveThruRPG.

Influence on other works[]

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