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Elongates your shadow, allowing you to see and hear through it.

AD&D 2e[]

Lorloveim's Creeping Shadow
Spell Level: 3 Rarity: Rare
Schools: Illusion, Shadow
Components: V, S, M (light of at least candle strength, and a small obsidian statuette of the caster worth no less than 1,000 gp)
Range: Personal Casting Time: 7
Duration: 1 rd/level Saving Throw: None
Effect: A shadow up to 10 yds/level long

When this spell is cast, the caster's shadow elongates at 15 yds/round, out to the maximum distance of the effect. The shadow moves as an ordinary shadow, along floors and up walls. The shadow makes no sound, and is 90% undetectable in areas where there is at least some shade. The caster can move so as to place the shadow largely where they desire.

While the spell persists, the caster can see, hear, and speak through the shadow, as if they were standing where the shadow is. The shadow cannot interact with anything, though magic spells, items, weapons, and attacks are capable of hitting the shadow - it has the same Armor Class as the caster, and any damage it takes subtracts from the caster's hit points.