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"I've already eaten three giant bats, six troglodytes, and a mind flayer today, but that's okay. Plenty of room in my belly for you and my friends."
— Llud the behir

Lludd is a behir inhabiting the Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth.

Appearance and personality[]

As typical for a behir, Lludd is a massive twelve-legged, turqoise-colored serpentlike creature with the ability to breathe lightning and swallow enemies hole.

Lludd is unusually intelligent and wise for its species, and has learned to speak some of the languages of its victims. It typically waits in hiding to ambush potential targets.

When outnumbered or overpowered, Lludd will attempt to use trickery to discourage its enemies from fighting. A common claim is that the next chamber contains some wondrous treasure.[1]

Unknown to Lludd, it once swallowed a periapt of proof against poison, which sits in its stomach.


Lludd inhabits a great cave in the Caverns of Tsojcanth, over 200 feet long. Stalactites line the ceiling of its cavern, and the floor is carpeted with fungi and the bones of its previous victims. Lludd keeps no treasure of interest to adventurers.

Publication history[]

AD&D 1st edition[]

Lludd the behir appeared in S4 The Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth (1982). He appears in artwork on the cover. He is depicted single-handedly defeating a party of three adventurers.

D&D 5th edition[]

Lludd is quoted in the Monster Manual (5e) (2014), p.25.