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Creates a sphere of force around the party, anchored to the ground, that protects them from the elements.


Leomund's Tiny Hut[]

Debuted in the Player's Handbook as a magic-user spell.

Level: 3 School: Alteration
Components: V, S, M (a small crystal bead that shatters when the spell ends)
Range: 0 Casting Time: 3 segments
Duration: 6 turns/level Saving Throw: None
Area: 10' diameter sphere

Creates an opaque sphere of force centered on the caster. Half of the sphere is above ground, and half is below ground, passing through the surface. Inside the field, it is always a comfortable 70 degrees Farenheit. Cold outside the sphere below freezing (0 degrees) lowers the temerature inside the field on a 1-degree-for-1-degree basis. Heat outside the sphere above 105 degrees raises the tempoerature inside the field on a 1-degree-for-1-degree basis as well. (Thus, a temperature of -10 degrees would mean it is 60 degrees in the field, and a temperature of 120 degrees would mean it is 85 degrees in the field.) The field can resist winds up to 50 mph (winds of greater force destroy the field). The caster can create a dim light in the field, or extinguish it as desired. Though the sphere is opaque, but those inside can see out. Up to 6 human-sized creatures can fit into the field along with the caster, and they can pass in and out of the field without harming it, but the caster cannot leave the sphere without causing it to dissipate.