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Least Spirit Centipede



Climate/Terrain Outer Planes (realms of the Celestial Bureaucracy)
Activity Cycle Any
Frequency Very Rare (3%)
Organization Solitary
Lair The realms of gods from the Celestial Bureaucracy


Intelligence Semi-intelligent (2-4)
Morale Unsteady (5)
Alignment Neutral
Languages Common



Tiny (6" long)

Hit Dice 1+5
Armor Class 9 (+1)
Movement 6 (centipede form) (60 ft/round) or 3 (toad form) (30 ft./round)
Actions Bite
THAC0 19 (+1) 1 damage
The creature can change into a toad or a centipede. In toad form it has a movement rate of 3, and can use the toad poison cloud. In centipede form it has a movement rate of 6 and can use the centipede poison cloud.
Centipede Poison Cloud
Any victims in your 5-ft cloud of poison must save vs. paralyzation or become immobile for 2d4 rounds
Frog Poison Cloud
Any victims in your 5-ft cloud of poison must save vs death or fall into a deathlike coma for 6 turns.


Treasure Nil
Level/XP III/120 xp

The least spirit centipede is a tiny centipede that is entirely white, with the head of a bald human with a bushy moustache and nine eyes spaced evenly around its head. It is a poisonous, shape-changing creature that administers punishments on behalf of the Celestial Bureaucracy.

A least spirit centipede is capable of giving up reincarnation to repay a debt of honor. When it does under these conditions, its body turns to brass. The brass centipede can be hung inside a building and works as a charm of protection from spirits.