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In the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game, landwyrms are wingless, predatory cousins of dragons. Landwyrms lack the breath weapons that are a signature of true dragons. They have some basic similarities to wurms, such as different species inhabiting certain environments, and neither having wings. However, landwyrms have legs, unlike wurms.


  • Desert Landwyrm - Neutral evil landwyrm found in desert environments. Its heart burns with a patient evil as it waits for prey to pass by as it hides under the desert sand. They are often found in ruins and ancient tombs. It is usually the most intelligent type of landwyrm.
  • Forest Landwyrm - Lawful neutral landwyrm found in temperate forest environments. The kindest of the landwyrms. It may sometimes protect villages of gnomes.
  • Hill Landwyrm - Chaotic evil landwyrm found in temperate hills. A heavy-bodied, very stupid bully that will attack anything weaker than itself. It fears hill giants.
  • Jungle Landwyrm - Neutral evil landwyrm found in warm forests and jungles. Though it is very large, it can glide through jungle foliage like a small monkey. With its disease-bearing claws, it can kill almost anything. Its only predators are older green dragons.
  • Mountain Landwyrm - Lawful evil landwyrm found in mountain environments. The largest of the landwyrms, it can be 80 ft. long. It sleeps most of the time, but when it awakes, its tread can shake the earth.
  • Plains Landwyrm - Chaotic neutral landwyrm found in temperate plains. The smallest and weakest of the landwyrms. It commonly walks on its hind legs and resembles a raptor. It is a reputed scavenger.
  • Swamp Landwyrm - Chaotic evil landwyrm found in warm marshes. An extremely cruel and deadly monster whose eyes glow with malice. It preys on anything, even large black dragons.
  • Tundra Landwyrm - Neutral landwyrm found in cold plains. It normally lies under the snow in semi-hibernation. It drinks the blood of warm-blooded creatures.
  • Underdark Landwyrm - Lawful evil landwyrm found underground. Its eyesight is very poor, but it has an excellent sense of smell.