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A kuo-toa

Kuo-toa are vile, fish-like, amphibious, aberrant humanoids who live at the intersection of the ocean and the Underdark. They are half-mad religious zealots, descendants of a once-great race that was pushed deep underground many years ago. Here, they worship mad gods and spawn new numbers, dreaming of the day when they will re-take the surface. Their population nearly exterminated and forgotten, they plot their inevitable resurgence with a despicable glee.


Kuo-toa employ a cunning mix of secretions, alchemy, and group assault to take out their foes.

The Pincer Staff, a long staff with a restraining claw at the end, is used by some kuo-toans to trap enemies so that the kuo-toa's allies can pummel them without retribution.

Harpoons are employed by kuo-toa to stick enemies, yank them off their feet, and pull them closer if they try and flee.

Sticky Shields are used by kuo-toa to restrain an enemy's weapon: if the foe strikes their shield, the weapon is stuck fast.

Slippery Skin is a feature of the kuo-toan skin secretions. This makes them difficult to restrain, and able to slide out of grapples and other restraints easily. This also makes them resistant to magical restraint.

Lightning Strike is an ability used by several kuo-toa at once, generating a blast of lightning using divine magic.

Truesight lets a kuo-toa see through illusions and deceptions such as invisibility and etherealness.

Kuo-toa are resistant to electricity and force damage, and creatures of elemental water seem to avoid harming them. However, they seem to be vulnerable to bright light and fire.


Kuo-toa are worshippers of the dark goddess Blibdoolpoolp, the Sea Mother. Their holy sites provide access to salt water, and often serve as spawning points and trade centers. Though wicked, they respect most other races of the underdark, at least in terms of power: their holy sites serve as places to trade slaves and goods from many corners of the underdark.

Amongst other kuo-toa, the creatures are fairly antisocial and independent. Madness is a common ailment amongst the kuo-toa, their degenerate nature encouraging a weak mind.

Several kuo-toa worship Dagon instead of Bilbdoolpoolp, though the two don't seem to have an active rivalry.


Kuo-toa have a hatred in them for the civilized races of the surface: humans and their ilk. Amongst the creatures they share the dark pits of the earth with, the kuo-toa loathe the mind flayers, and fear the drow.


  • Whips are fighter-assassins of Blibdoolpoolp, the Sea Mother. Whips rule kuo-toa society and direct the operations of its members.
  • Monitors are monks who serve to keep the other kuo-toa in line. They have discipline, and control those kuo-toa who go mad or become violent, in order to keep kuo-toa holy sites peaceful.
  • Eyes are cleric-assassins who serve the kuo-toan leaders.
  • Kuo-toan leaders tend to be cleric-assasins.