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The korobokuru are a dwarven subrace native to lower lattitudes and altitudes. A bit barbaric and simple, the korobokuru share many of the traits of their kindred, but associate with different kinds of creatures, and thus form different rivalries.


Korobokuru are about the same size as most dwarves, but leaner, and dresss in baggy, comfortable clothes. They live more in the wilds and exposed to the elements than their kin, so they favor natural fibers in natural colors such as greens and browns in their clothing. They are quite hairy, and their hair is often unkempt and wild, rather than the tamed, stylized hair of their cousins.


Korobokuru are boastful and bold, with a tendency toward rudeness and ignorance that they are in no hurry to remedy. A korobokuru makes herself at home in any setting, even if that means making those around her uncomfortable.

Special Abilities[]

Korobokuru share many of the abilities of dwarves, including resistance to poison and magic, a familiarity with stonework, and keen combat tactics against their foes.


Korobokuru associate with spirit folk and hengeyokai. They're fairly insular in their homeland, and rarely reach out to others.


Korobokuru occasionally come up against bakemono, goblins, goblin rats, and hobgoblins. They've trained well against these adversaries.


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In the arctic wilderness, a strain of korobokuru have undergone a transformation into a cold-resistant people, but they remain broadly similar to their temperate kin.